Charlie Puth – Attention (Remix) Ft. Kyle

Some things we may just never understand. One of those things is Charlie Puth. The singer seemingly came out of nowhere only to break into the mainstream immediately, with the unparalleled success of the Fast & Furious single “See You Again” alongside Wiz Khalifa. The success of that song is also a mystery, seeing as how completely trash it is (sorry).

Nonetheless, Charlie Puth (and “See You Again”) may not be for us to understand– he has an audience somewhere (I’m thinking it’s 8-12-year old girls across the world), even if it’s not right here. Following the astronomical success of “See You Again” establishing Puth as a force to be reckoned with in mainstream radio, he’s continued to collaborate with appropriate rap figures that both appeal to the mainstream and hopefully — that must be the goal — broaden his own reach, establish him among different types of fans. Dudes like Lil Wayne , Ty Dolla $ign , Tyga , Wale and Vince Staples .

The latter three appeared on various Puth remixes, a formula which he continues to follow, evidently. Today the singer releases the remix to another one of his biggest records to date, “Attention,” enlisting KYLE of “iSPY” fame to jump on board.

The song will appear on Charlie Puth’s VoiceNotes album, which is due out this Fall. This will be Puth’s sophomore effort, following up his debut from last year, Nine Track Mind .

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